Pokemon Red / Blue Wi-Fi Battle #1 Visiting Old Roots

My first 1st generation Level 100 match vs KF. Tutorial coming up tomorrow. KF’s Channel: I can’t wait to get my hands … source

Pokemon, Gotta Reference Them All?! – Pokemon Sun and Moon Episode 93 (Review)

Episode 93 of the Sun and Moon anime titled: Lillie and the Cane of Alola!. What an episode. The play at some point stopped being a play. I can’t even imagine … source

Are We Going To Kanto? – Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Theory/Speculation

Is it possible that we are going to visit Kanto in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon? Check out this theory/speculation and decided for yourself! source

Pokemon Red and Blue Over Level 100 Pokemon

This is my first video and I hope you enjoy I have links below of a few things mentioned in the video. This video show you how to get over level 100 pokemon via … source