Pokemon Blue Walkthrough Part 8 – The Mew Glitch

Different than my normal walkthrough video, the content in this video is definitely worthy of being included in my walkthrough but is a little offbeat to say the least. source

Pokemon Blue Walkthrough Part 39 – The Dentist Has Arrived with the Gold Teeth

Although the first couple of minutes of this video aren’t complete with my own talking but rather some Pokemon themed music, I do complete all that the Safari … source

Pokemon Blue Walkthrough Part 13 – Getting HM 01 (Cut) On the S.S. Anne

Before I delve into all the happenings here in part 13 of this Pokemon Blue walkthrough, I want to ask the question. What captain carries around an HM for a … source

Pokemon Blue Walkthrough Part 9 – “Mistyfying” Misty in the Cerulean City Gym

Before I go onto the work implied by the title here in part 9, I finish the remaining trainer battles on Route 24 and 25. After that I continue due East out to Bill’s Sea … source

Pokemon Blue Walkthrough Part 41 – Snorlax, the Rooster Calls

Although I’m still in between with much of my progress in this walkthrough, here in Part 41 I capture Snorlax on my 2nd go around. After that I work on getting the … source

Pokemon Blue Walkthrough Part 21 – Triple 7’s in the Celadon City Game Corner

Although the title may lead you to believe that I’ll be hitting up the slots in Kanto’s version of Las Vegas, I do not. Instead, after I clean up some item problems, … source

Pokemon Fire Red & Leaf Green Walkthrough | Episode 10 | SS Anne Guide

In this part of Pokemon Fire Red we head straight into SS Anne — the boat full of trainers and a really great place to get experience before the third gym leader. source

Pokemon Blue Walkthrough Part 42 – Visiting the Power Plant

Now that the cycling road business is over, it’s time that I move onto to more interesting endeavors in the Power Plant. Once I get there I begin collecting some … source