Mew Glitch (Pokémon Yellow)

I’ve been feeling nostalgic lately, so I booted up my old Pokémon Yellow cartridge. I got the Mew Glitch to work on my first attempt! If you’ve never done it before, … source

Let’s Play Pokemon FireRed – Episode 39: To INDIGO PLATEAU!

Episode 39, now that we have EIGHT BADGES we can now make our way to the Indigo Plateau! But what’s this standing in our way? source


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Pokemon Sun and Moon: My Pokemon Gym

Pokemon Sun and Moon news is all around! So it got me thinking, what if Game Freak approached me and told me I could be a Pokemon gym leader. I could … source

Minecraft | POKEMON: MINECRAFT VERSION! (Pixelmon X & Y Celebration!) | Mods Showcase

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★Winning Pokemon Sun & Moon Games From A Claw Machine!! 3DS Arcade Crane Game!!! ~ ClawTuber

Pokémon Sun & Moon Games In An Arcade Claw Machine!! Can We Win Them?? Pokemon Sun & Moon 3DS Games Just Released Today And Now They Are … source