Pokemon Sun and Moon: My Pokemon Gym

Pokemon Sun and Moon news is all around! So it got me thinking, what if Game Freak approached me and told me I could be a Pokemon gym leader. I could … source

Pokemon FireRed Ep 5 – Rocket Tunnel + Route 4

Hey Guys Thankyou so very much for clicking on this video and if you have watched it already then i hope you enjoyed it, In this episode which ofcorse is … source

Pokemon Fire Red Omega-Gym Leader Battle Erika

Now I take on the Grass Leader, Erika. My team has made a lot of changes since we last took on Lt. Surge since Celadon has so many TM’s. So i’ll just re list the … source

Pokemon Fire Red/Pokemon Leaf Green – Catching all Legendaries

In this video i would be catching all the possible legendary pokemon in FireRed/Leaf Green 0:05 – Catching Zapdos 4:05 – Catching Articuno 8:10 – Catching … source