BRELOOM GOES INSANE! – Pokémon Sun/Moon FFA #17 – Vs ScruffyShark, Dragoncore7, Brandon

After I got obliterated during the last Free for All (even though there was a MEGA GYARADOS that had a dragon dance up, but oh well), it was time for me to … source

SEGREDO DOS GAMES: Pokémon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow (Primeira Geração)

03 Segredo dos Games, feito por Tomás, fala sobre os games Pokémon Blue/Red/Green/Yellow e seus segredos, incluindo bugs, teorias, easter eggs e … source

FARFETCH’D OP – Pokémon Sun/Moon Battle Royale #5 – Vs Brandon, MetalGearBlaze, Dragoncore7

After pokebank was released, I finally got my hands on one of my favorite shiny pokemon. After receiving her, I knew it was finally time to abuse that +25 base … source

How to find Rayquaza in Pokemon Firered/Leafgreen (without hack)

How to catch Rayquaza in Pokemon Firered/Leafgreen WITHOUT HACK pokémon, pocket monsters, tv program, gameplay, ash, pikachu, battle, video game, … source

Tapu Battle Remix – Pokemon Sun/Moon Music // 11th Day of Mixmas

Art: Patreon: Twitter: … source

Pokemon GO – Second Generation Preparation | Save Candies For These Pokemon! Scizor, Slowking &More!

Although we probably won’t see any pokemon from the Johto region for a while its never too early to start stashing candies for the next generation! Personally … source