Pokémon Glazed – Episode 15 | Northcoast Gym!

Pokémon Glazed Let’s Play Part 15! Download this game! Subscribe for more! source

“Pokemon Sun” Game Review

Sorry about the somewhat lazy editing, but hey, at least I uploaded something! Yay! source

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon – Ultra Beast Battle Theme (Unofficial)

Check out my newest epic battle music! – ➤DON’T CLICK THIS! – Ultra Beast Battle Music from Pokémon Sun and … source

THE POKEMON GO RANT (Footprints Gone, Pokevision Shut Down, Niantic’s Integrity In Question)

Did they get rid of the nearby footprints forever or until they finally fix it? We don’t know because Niatic doesn’t tell us anything. Check out the pokemon go … source


Are you a method shiny hunter and enjoy hunting for wormhole shinies? Are you a full odds shiny hunter and despise the existence of wormhole shinies? source

THE SECRET BEHIND TYPE: NULL | Pokemon Sun and Moon Theory

What is the secret behind this mysterious Pokemon? A Pokemon Theory about TYPE: NULL! The chimera companion to Gladion, possible sibling of Lillie and … source

Pokemon Theory: Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Breaks it’s Own Rules?

Protomario – REMEMBER to LIKE and Check the Links Below! =) Today’s theory is based on the idea that Pokemon Sun and Moon as well as Pokemon Ultra … source

Pokemon Having 5 Move Slots Instead Of 4 ?!

Will they add a 5th move slot in Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire? Let me know what you think down below!! Thanks for watching and hit that “like” button if you … source