Pokemon Go Sinnoh 4th Gen Halloween Aftermath – All Shiny & Rare Catches

while i was trying to catch shiny drifloon and witch pika hat i caught many rare pokemon in the wild during 4th gen sinnoh halloween special event like gengar, … source

Pokemon Red / Blue Wi-Fi Battle #1 Visiting Old Roots

My first 1st generation Level 100 match vs KF. Tutorial coming up tomorrow. KF’s Channel: I can’t wait to get my hands … source


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Pokemon X & Y Analysis: Klefki

Hey everyone! Today’s Pokemon X and Y analysis video is all about the new Steel/Fairy type Pokemon Klefki. With access to the Prankster ability and a large … source

Gyms in Alola? Who Are the Gym Leaders? | Ultra Sun/Moon Theory

Follow me on Twitter: @AYnorthernguy Alright Trainers?! Many people believe there will be gyms in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon since they’re set in an alternate … source

Pokémon Glazed – Episode 15 | Northcoast Gym!

Pokémon Glazed Let’s Play Part 15! Download this game! Subscribe for more! source

Pokemon Go Sinnoh 4th Gen – Monferno, Kricketune, Tortera, Empoleon & Infernape Evolutions

Don’t forget to visit our friends’ site for the cheapest and safest pokemon go accounts: Use code ‘CYCHREUS’ for 5% off for … source

Pokemon Fire Gold (Fire Red remake) walkthrough part 1

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GameShark Codes For Pokemon Emerald SHINY CHEAT!

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