Nostalgia & RANT! Pokémon Red, Blue & Yellow on 3DS Virtual Console

The Classic Pokémon Games Return on Virtual Console! Pokémon Red, Pokémon Blue, and Pokémon Yellow are all coming Nintendo’s official Gameboy … source

Oak Pokémon Lab [Pokémon Red & Blue]

1996-2000 Game Freak Inc. & Nintendo Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Disclaimer: I do NOT own any part of this video. All music and images belong to their … source

How Do Stats Work?? | Pokémon For Dummies

Oh boy, here’s my favorite part… *Grabs popcorn* Useful Links: -Stats: -Damage Calculation: -IVs (DVs): … source

Pokemon Bluwave ¦ ポケモンブル (A Vaporwave/Lo-Fi Hip Hop Remix Of Pokemon Red/Blue)

Tracklist: 0:18 – Opening ¦ ポケットモンスター青 2:44 – Pallet Town ¦ マサラタウン 4:24 – Oak’s Lab 5:51… source

Real or Not? – Pokemon Buried Alive Creepypasta

The story of Buried Alive and White Hand is a creepy one, but is it real? I test my pokemon blue version with a gameshark to find out! In the future this series will … source