How to beat the elite four with no pokemon

If you have any ideas for more videos tell me rate and comment please heres the codes i used: walk through walls: 010138CD all badges: 01FF56D3 you have … source

Let’s Play Pokemon Blue Episode 26 – The Earth Badge!

Pokemon was released on the GameBoy and created by Game Freak- In today’s episode we continue in the quest to be the ultimate Pokemon Master! source

Pokemon Blue Walkthrough Part 41 – Snorlax, the Rooster Calls

Although I’m still in between with much of my progress in this walkthrough, here in Part 41 I capture Snorlax on my 2nd go around. After that I work on getting the … source

Let’s Play Pokemon Blue, Part 45 – Victory Road

We enter the cave the retards of the elite four located right behind. source

NEW! How to Get Pokemon ROM Hack Games on your iOS Device! (NO COMPUTER) (NO JAILBREAK) GBA, GBC, GB

This video is sponsored by Lords Mobile! Download and play it here: Play AWESOME Gameboy, Color and Advance Pokemon … source