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Pokemon GO: Trading, Breeding, New Pokemon Coming (ComicCon News)

Exciting updates/new features from the Pokemon GO ComicCon panel today! Pokemon GO Playlist: Expand the description for more! source

[NU] Power Trip Incineroar Goes Crazy! Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon WiFi Battle #27 Vs. Alyssa (1080p)

Yo what is going on everybody, I apologize for the infrequent uploads, I’ve been pretty busy with the Holiday season and spending time with friends and family, … source

[NU] POWER TRIP INCINEROAR! Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon WiFi Battle #4 Vs. Maleah (1080p)

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[OU] This is Why Sticky Web is The Best! Pokemon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon Wi-Fi Battle #94 (1080p)

Ah Sticky Web, a form of entry hazard that is used to lower any grounded pokemon’s speed stat by 33%, It is pretty useful for powerful sweepers who aren’t that … source

[OU] WeedleTwineedle is a Filthy Tryhard? ­čś▒Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Wi-Fi Battle #104

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Magnet Pull Alolan Golem Is Best Trap! Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Wi-Fi Battle #81 (1080p)

What is going on everybody, today we have a very fun and interesting OU battle featuring another Cancer Fairy Meme I stole incorrectly. Be sure to leave a LIKE … source

[NU] How GOOD was Lycanroc ACTUALLY? Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon WiFi Battle #7 Vs. Rasa (1080p)

Lycanroc Midnight has iron tail with no guard which is new toy it appreciated, next give it no guard fissure so Verlisify has a wet dream, then it would really be … source

[PU] SUCKER PUNCH MINDGAMES! Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon WiFi Battle #8 Vs. Jeremy (1080p)

Somebody once told me I was the gay Verlisify, and I have to agree. I am gay for verlis sets! I’m using many movesets in this video, that are on the same level as … source