Pokemon Red & Blue Mew Glitch Performed on 3DS VC How to Catch Mew

I was so happy to see this awesome glitch work! I love the old Pokémon Red & Blue games, and now that I can play as Mew in them is just amazing! I am so very … source

Gameboy Xploder Cheat System Review!!!

really cool cheat system for gameboy. source

EMU-NATION: Pokémon Moon now FULLY playable on PC!

This EmuNation is all about the OFFICIAL Citra Emulator for the Nintendo 3DS Console. It is now playing Pokemon Moon in its latest Official Bleeding Edge … source


Forget Pixelmon, forget 1:1 scale Kanto maps… this is the OG, baby! The amazing MrSquishy has spent almost 2 years and 350000 command blocks recreating … source