Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon VGC 2019 Sun Series Battle – Kartana Carry

Really enjoying this Vested Kartana set ive been using recently. Try it for yourself here and let me know what you think! source


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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon VGC 2019 In it to Wingett #160 Halloween Update+Giveaway

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[VGC 2019] Halloween Meme Team 🎃👻 Pokemon Ultra Sun Pokemon Ultra Moon Double Battle #114

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Pokemon Cards- Mewtwo vs Darkrai Battle Arena Decks Opening & Review!

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[VGC 2019] Swoobat and Farfetch’d Annihilate Xerneas! Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Battle #113

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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon VGC 2019 Sun Series Battle – Terrible Tornadus

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An Introduction for Competitive Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon

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EV Training in Pokémon Sun/Moon – Prime Locations and Fastest Method!

This EV-training guide will inform you on some of the easier locations to find EV-yielding Pokémon: HP – Caterpie (Route 1, 20%) Attack – Pikipek (Route 1, 30%) … source