Pokemon Blue Walkthrough Part 8 – The Mew Glitch

Different than my normal walkthrough video, the content in this video is definitely worthy of being included in my walkthrough but is a little offbeat to say the least. source

Road to 10k Subs Ep. 6: 10 Pokemon Sun and Moon Packs Giveaway!

We’re giving away Pokemon Plushies on stream now?!?! Let’s fill those random type breaks in the store to get so goodies opened. ;D This episode we’ll be … source

Pokemon Ruby Walkthrough 20 ; HM Dive and Team Magma Again!!

Hello everyone! In this video we obtain the HM08 Dive from Steven in Mossdeep City. Also we find Team Magma’s Underwater Base and here we defeat the … source

Red battle on Mt. Silver- Twitch Plays Pokemon Official Highlights Generation 2

We face Red on the top of Mt. Silver. Time to face the Dream Team. Helix Fossil Stickers! source

Pokemon Blue Walkthrough Part 39 – The Dentist Has Arrived with the Gold Teeth

Although the first couple of minutes of this video aren’t complete with my own talking but rather some Pokemon themed music, I do complete all that the Safari … source