Duddy Kicks the Buddy! … and He Talks Junk?? (Face Cam All Items Tried Gameplay)

T-Shirts: So, Buddy was watching one of our videos recently and he disliked it! Well, that made Fgteev Duddy so mad, he decided to … source

FNAF 6 Pizzeria Simulator! Ball Pit Balls, Pizza & Jump Scares = BEST DAY EVER w/ FGTEEV Chase

Be an FGTEEVER: Subscribe➡ , Get that Merch ▻T-Shirts: …. Hope you enjoy the new FNAF Game, it’s super … source

FGTEEV GAMEPLAY SONGS of 2017! Bendy & The Ink Machine Band w/ FNAF & Tattletail (Part 4)

Be an FGTEEVER: Subscribe➡ & Get the Merch ➡ … Sup Teevers, this is part 4 of our 2017 songs, it’s a … source

EATING EACH OTHER! AGAR.IO 4 Player FGTEEV Battle! Duddy vs. Family (Multiplayer Gameplay)

We hope you enjoy our 2nd Agar.io gameplay vid, almost 1 year after the first one we are back and this time all playing in the same world at the same time! source

Pokemon Go TRESPASSING!! How To Catch ‘Em All Map + Scary Jynx Encounter w/ FGTEEV Fam New Creature?

Duddy, Lex, Mike & Chase collectively catch and hatch 15 new Pokemon, mostly thanks to tracking map apps. To Niantic, creators of Pokemon Go, you disabled … source

HELLO NEIGHBOR can u DRAW A STICKMAN EPIC 2 so FGTEEV can play Chapter 8 THE END Boss Fight w/ KEYS

HELLO NEIGHBOR MART stops by to help us with Drawing a Stickman in Draw a Stickman Epic 2 CHAPTER 8 Boss Battle Finale Fight! How fitting because … source


So you’ve seen all the thumbnails of huge youtubers doing floor is lava but they don’t ever make the vid look like the thumbnail, well we did! Hope you enjoy our … source

SUPER HERO MARIO vs. PLAYGROUND RABBIDS Skit! FGTEEV plays Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Switch)

FGTEEV MARIO is after one crazy Rabbid on the loose. Thumbs up for this vid If you enjoyed it. To learn more about the game go here: … source

DRAW A STICKMAN EPIC 2 🚸 Giant Rat Chase (FGTEEV Imagination Chapter 1 Gameplay)

FGTEEVers Have Requested This Game for a WHILE!!! Finally, here it is!! Duddy and Chase play Draw a Stickman Epic 2 on the PC. Thumbs up if you enjoyed … source

FEATHER BUTT DINOSAUR!! DRAW A STICKMAN EPIC 2 🚸 Part 2: Find the Gems! (FGTEEV Chapter 2 Gameplay)

WHO SHOULD WE DRAW NEXT TIME? TELL US and THE MOST LIKED SUGGESTION WILL BE DRAWN! Anyways, Duddy & Chase are back with more Draw … source