Pokémon Sun & Moon Championship Battle (VGC17) #1: Rough start in Alola!

Hey everyone, It’s good to be sort of back. I’m still very busy with the last stretch of college and my real-life work I’m currently working at. This means upload still … source

Pokemon Sun & Moon Torracat – Drawing

Speed drawing of Torracat the new pokemon from pokemon sun & moon! i love this pokemon! i cant wait for the game to come out in november Artwork by me. source

Pokemon Glazed | Episode 7 | HM Cut + Gym Leader Terry

We finally obtain our first HM move, cut! We also take on the second gym leader! ___ ROM Hack: … source

Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow | The Completionist *Parody*

Ryan used thief on Jirard the Completionist and stole his show concept. for amazing gaming content check out Jirard #thecompletionist … source

Z MOVES, NEW POKEMON, & DRAGON TYPE EXEGGUTOR??? Pokemon Sun & Moon [My Thoughts & Spectulation]!

WhosUrDaddi YT? Today Pokemon company has revealed SO MUCH NEWS! z moves, new Pokemon, & NEW POKEMON FORMS?!?!?! I LOVE THESE … source

Pokemon Go Team GeO Blue

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Pokémon GO Melhores Ataques e Defesas COMPLETO

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Pokemon Go Tips & Tricks Version 0.25.1

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Pokemon Go Great Ball, CP ???, Curve Throw and APP Info!

Pokemon Go Gameplay brings you a brand new episode! Alot of answers to very common questions… specially if the Pokemon Go App is not working for you! source