Pokemon Red | Part 14 | How to catch Magmar in Red

I was so mad when I lost that Magmar! xD At least I saved the game! And by the way, never try to save the game when the screen starts up it’s self. **Watch part … source

pokemon Red orginal pokedex completion! Read descri[tion

To cut to the showing of the whole pokedex and professer oak’s words, got to about 10:15. Most of the video is me attempting to level up my last pokemon, … source

Pokémon Red and Blue Walkthrough – Part 7: Pokémaniac Bill!

Oooooh yeah! Consistant uploads! In this episode, we head through Route 24 and Route 25, defeating every trainer (other than two, I will explain in a sec), and … source

Nintendo 101 – The History of Pokemon Red/Blue!

Well guys, here it is! My big project is finally done. Tell me in the comments what you think, and if I get a good response I’ll do another one. Thanks guys! source