Opening Pokemon Sun & Moon Burning Shadows Booster Box Part 2 Packs

Pokemon Sun and Moon Burning Shadows Booster Box part 2!! Will we find any gold or secret rare cards. How about one of the hyper rare rainbow cards. source

Road to 10k Subs Ep. 6: 10 Pokemon Sun and Moon Packs Giveaway!

We’re giving away Pokemon Plushies on stream now?!?! Let’s fill those random type breaks in the store to get so goodies opened. ;D This episode we’ll be … source

Opening Pokemon Sun & Moon Guardians Rising Booster Packs Secret Rare Found EpicTCGChannel

Paul & Drew here again, today we have 8 packs of Pokemon Sun & Moon Guardians Rising. We decided to try our luck with some more packs from Walmart. source

Japanese Sun Booster Box! Pokemon Sun and Moon opening

A HUGE thank you to the amazing Kevin_Spacey for sending us these Japanese Pokemon Sun and Moon booster boxes for us to open! Other Pokemon … source