All Zygarde Cells: Melemele Island (Pokemon Sun/Moon)

0:00 – Route 1 (Day Only) 0:24 – Route 1 (Day Only) 0:55 – Route 1 – Outskirts 1:21 – Route 1 – Trainer School (Night Only) 1:45 – Route 2 2:06 – Route 3 (Day … source

Pokemon Blue Walkthrough Part 7 – Welcome to the Black and White Cerulean City

Off-screen, I did a lot of grinding with my new Geodude, now Graveler, getting him up to level 25. Following that labor, I take a stroll around Cerulean City, but … source

[FLOYT] Shiny Horsea in Ultra Sun via Island Scan after 2,406 REs & Evolutions (& a Finneon)

My 68th full odds shiny, and it’s a beautiful Horsea! And my first Island Scan shiny, too! Only after a FInneon, first… Really glad to get this gorgeous shine in Gen … source

[LIVE] Shiny Emboar after 1313 REs in Moon via Island Scan [Full odds]

My final Island Scan hunt ends really quickly. That’s all the Johto & Unova Starters obtained, I’m delighted! Emboar brings home the bacon after only 1313 … source

Pokemon Blue Walkthrough Part 8 – The Mew Glitch

Different than my normal walkthrough video, the content in this video is definitely worthy of being included in my walkthrough but is a little offbeat to say the least. source

“Pokemon Sun” Game Review

Sorry about the somewhat lazy editing, but hey, at least I uploaded something! Yay! source

Pokémon Fire Red Episode 56: Resort GORGEOUS

Today in Pokemon Fire Red, we enter the Resort Gorgeous, filled with Ladies and Painters. And that’s about it in this 5 star resort. Leave a like or subscribe if you … source