Pokemon Red and Blue Over Level 100 Pokemon

This is my first video and I hope you enjoy I have links below of a few things mentioned in the video. This video show you how to get over level 100 pokemon via … source

430 – Raising a Pokemon from Level 1-100 in a single SOS Battle! The Level 100 Gauntlet

Happy new year!!! Here’s a gauntlet I did on Ultra Sun trying to train a Pokemon to level 100 in a single SOS battle. Do I have to defeat some shiny Pokemon … source

Passagem secreta em Lavender Town? (Pokémon Fire Red)

Essa passagem secreta te leva pra uma experiencia muito bizarra, já pensou em travar uma batalha contra Belial? Bom vídeo! LINK DESSA HACK AQUI … source

Pokémon Red/Blue Experience Underflow Glitch TECHNICAL EXPLANATION — Instant Level 100 Pokemon!


Pokemon Generation 1: Glitch Quest – FINALE!

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Top 10 Crazy Pokémon Glitches! (GEN 1-7)

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Pokemon Generation 1: Glitch Quest – Episode 3

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