Who is LUSAMINE’S FATHER? (Ft. Lumiose Trainer Zac) – Pokemon Sun and Moon Theory)

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Battle! Cyrus [8-Bit; 2A03] – Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon

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Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon – Team Flare Boss Lysandre Battle Theme (HQ)

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Pokemon Ultra Moon: Team Flare Leader Lysandre Boss Fight (4K)

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Pokemon Battle USUM: Ash Vs Team Rainbow Rocket

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Pokemon Sun and Moon: Trainer Red Vs Team Rainbow Rocket

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Team Plasma vs. Team Flare (Ghetsis vs. Lysandre) – Evil Team Tournament – Pokémon Sun/Moon

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What Happened to Lillie’s Father? (Ft. HybridHero) | Pokémon Sun and Moon Theory

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Pokemon All Villain Team Grunt Battle Themes [REMIX]

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