Pokemon Red/Blue – Effects of triggering trainer battles with the Mew glitch

Getting any Pokemon, textbox ID matching, removing missable objects… Well, it looks like there’s even more than that to the Mew Glitch. Some of you may … source

Pokemon Red – Progressively glitching the game 2 (asm hack)

Around one year ago I made a video very similar to this one, and it’s been one of my most successful videos so far so I thought I’d try it again! Here is the old … source

Pokemon Red/Blue – The four Glitch Pokemon of desynchronization errors

There are different ways of desynchronizating Pokemon battles in Pokemon Red and Blue, be it due to a loose link cable or through abusing glitches found in … source

Pokemon Red – Progressively glitching the game (ASM hack)

A lot of the game’s data passes through the routine at 0xB5 when it needs to be moved between registers. But we can easily apply a small hack to this routine so … source

Pokemon G/S – How to get any Pokemon (coin case arbitrary code execution)

This video is outdated and reproducing it is no longer advised. Watching this video instead is recommended: It … source


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