Pokemon Trainer RED vs My Level 1 Team

My Level 1 Pokemon Team vs Pokemon Trainer RED (level 90s) Battle of the Champions! source

Pokemon Red | Part 13 | How to catch Chansey the EASIEST WAY

When I first did this I was super happy! 😀 If you have battled this person already, you have 2 other choices. One, you could try the Safari Zone (might take … source

VGM017: “Road to Viridian City — From Pallet” – Pokémon Red & Blue – Gameboy

Video Game Music – Select #17. MUSIC VIDEO! “Road to Viridian City — From Pallet” – Pokémon Red & Blue Gameboy – Original Soundtrack … source

Pokemon red Walkthrough part 1 [Arabic Walkthrough ]

i LOVE Pokemon AND i hope you love it to. source

Pokemon Hacking: How to Edit Wild Pokemon Encounters

I show you how to edit, and add Pokemon encounters in the GBA Games. For if I didn’t explain it correctly, C=Walk through anything 1=Can’t walk through … source

Pokemon Blue Walkthrough Part 8 – The Mew Glitch

Different than my normal walkthrough video, the content in this video is definitely worthy of being included in my walkthrough but is a little offbeat to say the least. source

Pokemon Fire Red & Leaf Green Walkthrough | Episode 6 | A Shiny Pokemon Appears!

In this episode of Pokemon Fire Red, we finally leave Mt. Moon — and encounter an incredibly rare Pokemon! Of course we will add it to our team. Can’t believe … source