DIALGA GETTIN SLEPT ON! – Ladder Up #4 [Pokemon Ultra Sun Moon VGC 2019 Wifi Battles]

Welcome to another episode of Ladder Up! Here I try to climb the rated VGC Championship ladder while trying out different teams and Pokemon. If you have any … source

How to Get Through Silph Co. | Pokemon FireRed Walkthrough | Episode 24

Welcome to Silph Co. which is currently being attacked by Team Rocket! Rumor has it that a ball capable of capturing ANY Pokemon is being developed here. source

Netflix Won’t Come to Nintendo Switch, Prime Minister Plays Pokemon Go, GameStop Caught Lying

Protomario – REMEMBER to LIKE and Check the Links Below! =) This Episidoe of What You Missed Video Game News consists of the Dragon Ball FighterZ Beta … source

Classic Saturdays: Pokémon Red & Blue – [Episode 3]

Classic Saturdays, episode 3 is here! In this episode I talked about the first generation of the Pokemon games and how they’ve impacted so many people’s lives. source

Pokemon Sun And Moon VS X And Y

I Compare Pokemon Sun And Moon To Pokemon X And Y And Try Find Out Which Is Better, Which Had More Innovations And Which Innovations Were Good Or … source

Pokemon Go Dortmund Safari Zone – 9X Shiny Roselia, 2X Shiny Aerodactyl, 2X 100%IV Unown + More

Don’t forget to visit our friends’ site for the cheapest and safest pokemon go accounts: Use code ‘CYCHREUS’ for 5% … source

Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow | The Completionist *Parody*

Ryan used thief on Jirard the Completionist and stole his show concept. for amazing gaming content check out Jirard #thecompletionist … source

Smeargle NUZZLES Pokemon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon: UBERS Wi-Fi Battle vs Mirai+Jason+Omar! (1080p)

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