VGM017: “Road to Viridian City — From Pallet” – Pokémon Red & Blue – Gameboy

Video Game Music – Select #17. MUSIC VIDEO! “Road to Viridian City — From Pallet” – Pokémon Red & Blue Gameboy – Original Soundtrack … source

Pokemon red Walkthrough part 1 [Arabic Walkthrough ]

i LOVE Pokemon AND i hope you love it to. source

pokemon Red orginal pokedex completion! Read descri[tion

To cut to the showing of the whole pokedex and professer oak’s words, got to about 10:15. Most of the video is me attempting to level up my last pokemon, … source

Pokemon Hacking: How to Edit Wild Pokemon Encounters

I show you how to edit, and add Pokemon encounters in the GBA Games. For if I didn’t explain it correctly, C=Walk through anything 1=Can’t walk through … source

Nintendo 101 – The History of Pokemon Red/Blue!

Well guys, here it is! My big project is finally done. Tell me in the comments what you think, and if I get a good response I’ll do another one. Thanks guys! source

Pokémon Emerald (Japanese version) – Enable Old Sea Map and Mew Event

Released in 2004, Pokémon Emerald includes many of the rarest and most legendary pokemons like Mew, Jirachi, Deoxys, Latios, Latias, Ho-oh and Lugia. source