Pokemon 3rd Gen Emerald FR/LG WiFi Battle – #2 vs KameloxYx

Vampire, gorilla, dragon they all have their common worst enemy… a plant. I have a question for you guys. Whats the absolute worst game you have ever play … source

Pokemon X & Y Analysis: Klefki

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Pokemon Diamond Walkthrough Part 33: Veilstone City Gym!

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Pokemon Y Walkthrough Part 3: Santalune Forest!

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Pokemon Yellow (3DS) Walkthrough Part 33: Fuchsia City & Safari Zone!

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Pokemon Soulsilver Walkthrough Part 82: Mt. Moon!

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Pokemon Yellow (3DS) Walkthrough Part 1: Starting Where It All Began!

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Pokemon Crystal Playthrough Part 19 (Lake Of Rage + Mahogany Town)

PLEASE READ VIDEO DESCRIPTION* Pokemon Crystal continues with me staring at the ocean because i know this next part is gonna be a long one. So i suck … source

Pokemon Fire Red Walkthrough Part 10 Rival Battle + HM CUT [1080p/60fps]

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