How to Edit a Pokemon ROM :|Using the Pokemon Randomizer|:

How to edit a pokemon ROM Hello everyone, today i will show you how to edit a pokemon rom using the pokemon randomizer! This will allow you to play … source

ūüĒ•Pokemon – Sun & Moon Base/Guardians Rising Blister Packs ūüĒ•

Today we will be opening two blister packs, one Sun and Moon base and one Guardians Rising. We hope you like our video. #Pokemon. source


POKEMON EXTREME RED: Creador: J-Steven Plataforma: GBA ROM Base: FireRed Ingl√©s Versi√≥n del juego: 1.0 Idioma del Juego: Ingl√©s El juego est√° … source

Pokemon: Fire Red Sound Effects

All the sound effects of Fire Red exampled with the Sappy # and sound 0x# command too. Enjoy! source

Let’s Play Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Reign of Legends – Part 21 – TM 24 Thunderbolt

Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Reign of Legends In this episode, we go to the electric cave, encounter a legendary, shut off the generator, and also get TM24 for … source

Pokemon Liquid Crystal Part 50 – Shiny Ditto & The Power Plant

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Pokemon Ruby Walkthrough 20 ; HM Dive and Team Magma Again!!

Hello everyone! In this video we obtain the HM08 Dive from Steven in Mossdeep City. Also we find Team Magma’s Underwater Base and here we defeat the … source

How To Get Any Item In Pokemon Emerald Using OpenEmu

What is up guys, Espy comin’ at ya with a tutorial on how to buy any item, TM, Berry, etc. within Pokemon Emerald. If you run into any trouble, feel free to state … source

Pokemon Emerald – Complete .SAV File – With Download Link

Got bored, and decided to put a TON of work into creating what I believe is an epic/ultimate save file for this rom. All pokemon are “legit”, meaning no weird … source