Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough Part 23.- Lost Tower

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Pokémon Light Platinum – 10 – Instant evolution!

Hello everybody and welcome to ↑↑ Today we start of by actually trading our SpiderMan for a Scyther. And I do not regret having him on my team at all, you’ll … source

Pokemon Soulsilver Walkthrough Part 82: Mt. Moon!

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Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon – Sinnoh Legendary Battle Theme Remix (Unofficial)

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Where to Capture-Catch Chansey in Pokemon Firered, LeafGreen

Torkoal fails to capture a chansey. For RafeTheElectrifying- He suggested this video. source

Pokemon Ruby Walkthrough 24 ; Victory Road and Wally!!

Hello everyone!!! In this video we reach the Victory Road.In the Victory Road we fight Wally as well.We also reach the Elite Four building.You can climb the … source