Pokemon Red | Part 13 | How to catch Chansey the EASIEST WAY

When I first did this I was super happy! 😀 If you have battled this person already, you have 2 other choices. One, you could try the Safari Zone (might take … source

Pokemon Red | Part 14 | How to catch Magmar in Red

I was so mad when I lost that Magmar! xD At least I saved the game! And by the way, never try to save the game when the screen starts up it’s self. **Watch part … source

Cerulean Dancefloor – Kevin Villecco Mix (Pokémon Red/Blue Remix)

Download – A remix of the Cerulean City Theme from Pokémon Red / Blue by RobKTA. RobKTA writes: Nu Disco and Pokémon? Well why … source

Let’s Play: Pokemon Red Expanded Randomizer Nuzlocke #1 – Wybierzcie Mój Starter!

Witam was wszystkich. Nagrywam Dla Was Let’s Play: Pokemon Red Expanded Randomizer Nuzlocke! Jeżeli jaracie się jak ogon Charmandera tym co … source

Lavender Town! (Gmod)

Garry’s mod occasionally has maps that come with their own triggers/game modes and here we explore the abstract maps. This map didn’t follow the same kind … source