Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon VGC 2019 Sun Series Battle – Kartana Carry

Really enjoying this Vested Kartana set ive been using recently. Try it for yourself here and let me know what you think! source

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon VGC 2019 In it to Wingett #160 Halloween Update+Giveaway

Happy Halloween everybody! Just wanted to make a fun video saying im back from Twitchcon and showing off my new streaming setup! PLEASE PLEASE … source

[VGC 2019] Swoobat and Farfetch’d Annihilate Xerneas! Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Battle #113

Be sure to leave a LIKE because Halloweedle is tomorrow, and that’s one of the coolest holidays ever! What is going on everybody, I know it’s been 3 weeks, but … source

MILTANK SWEEP!!! Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon WiFi Battles (Pokemon Showdown)

Epic Miltank Sweep followed by a Sour Defeat xD FOLLOW ME Instagram: Twitter: … source


[5/46] that purple sphincter Check out all of our Pokémon Sun & Moon Shiny Hunts here! – FOLLOW me on Twitter! … source

Bastiodon Flexing on Fools! Pokemon Sun and Moon RU Wifi Battle #86 Vs. Bridget (1080p)

Sorry for lack of uploads work is kicking my ass. Like the video if you guys enjoyed, it means the world and it realky helps out the channel! Discord: … source

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon VGC 2019 Sun Series Battle – Terrible Tornadus

Tornadus has been a super popular Pokemon recently. What do you think about it in VGC 2019? Leave a comemnt below and let me know! Check out the QR … source

Crabominable Brings the Pain! – Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon VGC 19 Showdown! w/ Jamie Kean & Jamie Boyt

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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon VGC 2019 Sun Series Battle – Vs Alex Ogloza

We take on Alex Ogloza who was playing on the Team Drizzle account in todays video. I really like this team and hopefully you do too! Check it out and let me … source