10 Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon 3DS Facts You Must Know

10 Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon 3DS Facts You Must Know. Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon releases on the 3DS on November 20th. With all the … source


W końcu udało mi się złapać legendarnego pokemona Mewtwo! ▻KLIKNIJ aby SUBSKRYBOWAĆ KANAŁ: ▻OFICJALNY SKLEP: … source

Lavender Town Song (Original Japanese Version)

Lavender Town Song (Original Japanese Version from Pokemon Red and Green) This is the music that plays in Lavender Town from Pokemon Red and Blue … source

Dealing With Pokemon Trade Evolutions in OpenEmu

What is up guys! Espy comin’ at ya with a vid on a method to deal with the fact that OpenEmu does not offer trading through emulators. If you have any questions … source

Pokemon FireRed – Seafoam Islands – (Searching for Articuno) – Part 1/2 – (GBA)

The caves beneath the islands are full of twists and turns and have five separate floors. To complete the trek through them, a series of puzzles involving using … source

RED vs ASH – Pokémon Rojo Fuego/Verde Hoja

Hola a todos. Les dejo un pequeño montaje de una batalla entre Rojo vs Ash (Red vs Ash) ¿Alguna vez pensaron que podia ser posible batallar contra Ash? source

Pokemon Theory: Ash’s Pikachu Was Red’s?

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Podczas pobytu na Islandii złapałem nowego pokemona w Pokemon GO! ▻KLIKNIJ aby SUBSKRYBOWAĆ KANAŁ: ▻WSPIERAJ mój … source