AMAZING Shiny Entei!! Pokemon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon!

Is this becoming a thing now? Shiny Entei FIRST encounter of the stream! Subscribe! source

Pokemon Go is TOTALLY CHANGING! Gen 4 News and MORE!

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HELP ME!!! | IBL S5W6 | Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon Draft League WIFI BATTLE w/ MattOShea

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oops i got a shiny Alolan Raticate | Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon

I was just trying to level up my Pokemon off stream and I ran into a shiny Alolan Raticate. I guess I need to always be streaming. Also I forgot I had the shiny … source

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Wi-Fi Battle: Infernape is the Best Starter!! (1080p)

We’re back! I just want to let you guys know… Infernape is by far the best starter, if any are better it’s because of hidden abilities and mega evolutions ok? source

Pokemon Sun & Moon – Guzma Remix

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Playoffs?? PLAYOFFS!! | BBL S1W12 | Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon WIFI Battle MTL vs PPR

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Pokemon Ultra Moon: Hau Champion Boss Fight

Hau boss fight for Pokemon League Champion in Pokemon Ultra Sun / Moon on Citra for the 3DS in Ultra HD 4k. ▻ If you enjoyed the video, please like and … source


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Pokemon Ultra Moon: Team Aqua Leader Archie Boss Fight (4K)

Team Aqua Leader Archie boss fight in Pokemon Ultra Sun / Moon Episode RR on Citra for the 3DS in Ultra HD 4k. ▻ If you enjoyed the video, please like and … source