Pokemon FireRed Nuzlocke Randomizer Day 1 – Highlight

This is a highlight reel of the first day of my Fire Red Nuzlocke Randomizer run from my live stream. Shout outs to anyone who caught it live! Sorry for the audio … source

Pokemon Cards – Keldeo Mythical Collection + Sun & Moon Openings

SO. MUCH. JUSTICE. ··□ *SUBSCRIBE!* □·· ▻ For new Pokemon card videos coming several times a week! Pokemon Card … source

Pokemon Cards – Kangaskhan EX Box, Sun & Moon, and Street Fighter?

Decided to open a couple things the comments requested and for some reason commentated in a really stupid manor. Enjoy! ··□ *SUBSCRIBE! source

Pokemon Cards – Opening a Dragonite EX Box + Sun & Moon Packs

It’s weird, I was just looking at my videos from last year and it looks like the time I posted a few videos was September. It’s September again, I guess it’s just that … source

How to beat Pokemon Yellow in 0:00

Full Run on Emulator: Full Run on Gameboy + Webcam: … source

How to Get a Level 100 Nidoking – Pokemon Yellow Glitch – 3DS Virtual Console

In this video I will be showing you how to get a level 100 Nidoking (or any six pokemon) before you even get to battle Brock! This works on the Pokemon Yellow, … source

How to beat Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow in 0:00 – Glitchfest

This is a remake of my old guide which clarifies a bit of misinformation, uses a slightly different (more reliable) method and includes Red/Blue in the mix. It’s also … source

Pokemon Generation 1: Glitch Quest – FINALE!

In this episode, the finale, we gather the remaining required badges, walk through lots of walls, battle the Elite Four and the true final boss. Old Man Glitch info: … source

Pokemon Generation 1: Glitch Quest – Episode 3

This episode is dedicating to glitching our way to a level 100 Mew on two different versions using two different methods. There are detailed instructions inside for … source

Pokémon Sun and Moon – ALL New Pokémon and Alola Forms!

Compilation Showcase of all New Pokémon Legendaries included and Alola Forms and all Pokédex entries of the Alola Region in Pokémon Sun and Moon for … source