Sick Omega Red Gameplay In War and Map 6 AQ! Bleed Nodes! – Marvel Contest of Champions

Heeeeeeyooo guys its finally time for some more Omega Red gameplay i know a lot of you have been wanting to see so we got some map 6 bleed and caltrop … source

THE POKEMON GO RANT (Footprints Gone, Pokevision Shut Down, Niantic’s Integrity In Question)

Did they get rid of the nearby footprints forever or until they finally fix it? We don’t know because Niatic doesn’t tell us anything. Check out the pokemon go … source

Gameboy Xploder Cheat System Review!!!

really cool cheat system for gameboy. source

Pokemon Having 5 Move Slots Instead Of 4 ?!

Will they add a 5th move slot in Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire? Let me know what you think down below!! Thanks for watching and hit that “like” button if you … source