Catorstrax – Outskirts of Euphoria | Route 1 Remix (Pokemon Sun/Moon)

This is a remix I’ve actually been working on for over a year and I hope you enjoy it! I’m also hoping to make more remixes in the future so stay tuned for that. source

Let’s Play Pokemon Sun and Moon Multiplayer Nuzlocke Gameplay Part 12 – GROWLITHE?!

Let’s Play Pokemon Sun and Moon Gameplay Part 12! We’re doing a multiplayer Pokemon Sun & Moon Nuzlocke Challenge! We’ll be doing a full playthrough … source

GRUBBIN! | Pokemon Moon | Part 4

Heading up Route 1 I run into a little guy called Grubbin and throw some balls at him. Pokemon Moon (3DS) Wanna Subscribe? source

How to Play with V: Route 1 from Pokemon Red and Blue on Guitar

Today I’m going to teach you guys how to play Route 1 from Pokemon Red and Blue on Guitar! source

Pokemon Red/Blue Medley on Ocarina || David Erick Ramos

An original musical arrangement of several theme songs from Pokemon Red/Blue (Gen I), performed by David Erick Ramos on Double Alto C Ocarina! source

Pokemon Blue – Ash vs Gary – (GB/3DS)

Route 1 is a short path that connects Pallet Town to Viridian City in the north. Without Poké Balls, you cannot catch any of the wild Pidgey or Rattata yet, but you … source