Pokemon Go Dortmund Safari Zone – 9X Shiny Roselia, 2X Shiny Aerodactyl, 2X 100%IV Unown + More

Don’t forget to visit our friends’ site for the cheapest and safest pokemon go accounts: Use code ‘CYCHREUS’ for 5% … source

Pokémon Fire Red Walkthrough ~Part 79~ Mewtwo

Cerulean Cave and Mewtwo. source

Pokemon Red and Blue Battle: CRimZ vs ScHoGuX

This battle was Played Via Hamachi on TGB Dual Emulator. Inb4 People ask how i did this. my response will be look it up, its really not complicated on how to … source

Pokémon Fire Red Walkthrough ~Part 80~ Raikou

Catching Final Legendary Pokemon Raikou, How to get Dunsparce and THE END End of Pokémon Fire Red Walkthrough Thank You all for watching. source