Was able to go out the first night but was having issues with corrupt files yesterday. All good today and was able to edit it for you all so I hope you enjoy! Twitch: … source

Pokemon Go – NEW Gen 4 Teaser? Garatina Next Raid?

Generation 4 for Pokémon Go has been teased at in a video released early this morning! My thoughts on what may happen and I hope you enjoy the Video! source

Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow – Just Nostalgia? Do they SUCK? – 3DS Virtual Console

Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Yellow have now launched on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console, Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the original … source

Pokemon Go! Das ist der Gewinner!

Das pokemon Go Profil ist sehr gut gewachsen eine vielzahl an Pkm sind zusammen gekommen. Das Maximale level von 26 ist erreicht und mew wurde auch … source

Pokemon FireRed Nuzlocke Randomizer Day 1 – Highlight

This is a highlight reel of the first day of my Fire Red Nuzlocke Randomizer run from my live stream. Shout outs to anyone who caught it live! Sorry for the audio … source

Let’s play: fire red live stream

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Playing through all of Pokemon Red! – #2 (First Stream)

I really hope you enjoyed this video and if you did do everything the outro says, we really appreciate it! Also if you have any feed back please do comment, we’d … source

Pokemon – Sweeping Red with ONLY Dunsparce

Pokemon – Sweeping Red with Dunsparce ONLY, yes, in Pokemon Crystal during a stream on Twitch I was requested to sweep every major boss battle with … source