GIOCO A POKÉMON GO, due anni dopo.

Oggi sono andato a Milano e allora ho colto l’occasione per tornare giocare a Pokémon go, due anni dopo la sua uscita… Voi ci giocate ancora? LA MIA … source

Mewmore x Dasgust // Viridian Forest (Pokémon Red & Blue Remix)

My 10th collaboration remix with Dasgust overall. We decided to go with Shinichi Osawa influenced style on this one. Dasgust: Art by … source

Pokémon Beta Secrets: Gen 1 Alpha – Tamashii Hiroka

In the premiere episode of Pokémon Beta Secrets, we’re gonna take a look at the pre-release alpha information for Pokemon Red and Blue. SOCIAL LINKS: … source

What’s inside Pokemon Sun and Moon 3DS Game?

We CUT OPEN the brand new Pokemon Sun and Moon 3DS game!?! It isn’t even out yet!!! This will be a Top 2016 Christmas gift. Watch Shonduras video: … source